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Eric’s Note-
The post that follows is authored by Kevin Koitz. Kevin is a REALTOR and a friend. If you are in Maryland and looking to buy or sell a home give him a call, visit his real estate website, or visit his new Bethesda Maryland blog at . WHY? Because he is an AUTHENTIC person who cares about connecting with people.
Thanks Kevin for making some great points here. AUTHENTICITY does not come from stealing other people’s content.

A quick thanks (or not) to Pete Cashmore, over at Mashable.com for introducing me to WordPressDirect in his post *”…Like Blogging Without the Blogging.” *It’s a great find because I now have my nomination for this year’s Worst of the Web Award….and possibly next year’s too!!!

WordPressDirect, produced by Blink Dot Software (?) has created the easiest and fastest way to steal other people’s content and clog up the web with spam using our beloved WordPress platform (way to go, Blink!). According to their marketing video — a must-see (grin) — “…if you can click a couple
buttons, and type in a few keywords, then you can set up a truly sticky niche website in just a few minutes.” One could easily go in many different directions with this quote, but I think I’ll choose to take the high ground for today — oh, that’s “MORAL high ground,” Blinksters!

After signing in, it takes about 3 minutes to create a “sticky niche” WordPress blog where none of the content belongs to you. Choose a theme, type in a few key phrases and WordPressDirect will pull data from every “relevant” YouTube or Yahoo Answers entry. And if you’re a “Gold” or ‘Platinum” member, you also have access to other feeds like Veoh, and Ezine. And here’s their biggest selling point…as they say in the video…”and you’ve done it without writing any content yourself…or doing anything
technical at all”. And, after all, isn’t that what we’re all trying to achieve??!!

Big surprise, Marty Rozmanith, creator of WordPressDirect(lyDevoidOfAnyEthical Principles), defends his product vehemently…”The way our users have been taught to use our service is to start with writing their own articles on their blogs.” Right, Marty, that’s exactly what 99% of your users have in mind using your splogtastic product. The ability to create unique content can be summed up in two words: plausible deniability. In the end, you’re delusional if you truly think you’ve created anything but a spam-filled fraud machine. Just writing about it makes me feel like I should take a shower. IMO, you’re just another hack who has found a way to take some of the best the web has to offer and make it truly ugly.


  1. I found out about this blog service through 30 day challenge and the man behind 30 day challenge is a well known and successful internet marketer. I dont think he will put his name to something which is spammy. I have myself created a couple of blogs through wordpress direct and followed the 30 day challenge guidelines and it is giving results.

  2. Eric Blackwell says:

    @F Khatri- No offense intended. Thanks for dropping by, However…just because a man you think highly of says he won’t use it spammily (hey, spam in adverb form!) does not make it the right thing.

    WordPressDirect is a bad concept IMO.


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