Why “Life Raft” domains are now a MUST.

I am going to post a LOT between now and the end of 2013, but nothing I am going to say compares with how important today’s post is. Period. Do I have your attention? GOOD. Read on.

Life Raft (deployed)

Life Raft (deployed)

Take a GOOD LONG look at this photo.

This life raft could be the only thing that saves your traffic in the event that you have crossed paths with a rogue wave from Google (such as Penguin). Your main site sinks. It was the flagship of your fleet and you got up every morning and look at it with loving eyes.

You built your business around it. Now your business could go down with it.

And aside from the obvious lessons about NOT doing some aggressive linkbuilding which you KNOW you should not have done long before you call me with the S.O.S, you have some practical concerns now. Your traffic is GONE. And you cannot (or you should not) simply redirect to another domain. (bad idea)

In the past, the choppy waters of internet marketing, Search Engine marketing and particularly SEO could be a little dangerous…but never more so than now. We always knew that over time as Google would evaluate SEO techniques, they would tighten the rules…and that folks would abuse rules. 30 and 60 day penalties became something that people were prepared to risk. Seriously.

2012 was the year that (according to my work on sites for people who put out the distress call to me when their sites went down) that Google started algorithmically SINKING ships. All the way to the bottom of Davy Jones’ locker.

So how to survive? You MUST have a domain that is free from potential penalties and yet has enough age and a few links to where it has some authority. Period. You can either buy it or build it, but the time is NOW (read: before you start taking on water). I cannot tell you when or where that rogue wave will strike, or even if it will.

What I CAN tell you with certainty is that having people pull down links, using the disavow tool and other means of scrambling to bail water out of the boat have not worked. Want a more certain rescue. Inflate your life raft domain and prepare to re-build it into your next search battleship.

Have a question about what is required? Call me. I will be happy to offer you assistance.

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