We build Business Blogging Solutions.

Can Business Blogging build your revenue. Absolutely. Many of your current employees are generating content and sharing their opinions online. Why not harness this effort and make it work for YOU?

We provide platforms and solutions that make it EASY for you to develop User Generated Content and online exposure for your business. We go beyond the “buzzwords” of the industry and can actually roll out these solutions and train you on them.


We have trained a group of 20 bloggers at a real estate brokerage to each take on ‘niche” markets, giving the brokerage a more COMPREHENSIVE coverage of their geographic area. This also has enhanced their search engine optimization efforts, helped connect and brand the brokerage with local clients.

Are you interested?

Give us a call. Can we roll out solutions for YOUR company as well? Absolutely. We know how to make business blogging simple and how to teach correct principles that will expand your reach and extend your brand. We offer FREE 30 minute consultations. Give us a call today and set up a time convenient to you.


  1. Business Credit says:

    I am interested. Please contact me. Jason @ businesscreditcoaching.com

    Jason Myers aka The Business Credit Expert

  2. This makes a good sense for the blogging people so interesting..By blogging on a daily basis you will be able to build an audience that will more closely follow your blogging efforts.

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