Want to know who is linking to Zillow or Trulia in your location?

If you are a broker or a team who has has search engine rankings in the past but struggles now, one (among MANY) of the reasons is that other REALTORS in your MLS may well have widgets or badges or websites from one of these companies which surreptitiously provide links back to Trulia or Zillow or REALTOR.com (or other non REALTOR owned sites).

You might have felt pretty powerless to help, but the truth is that you are likely in a far better role to help than you might think. If you know who these agents are, you need to know that they likely do NOT understand that they are hurting the industry. They do not need to be argued with, or anything like that.

They simply need to be made aware of what this is doing to them so that THEY have the EDUCATED choice about whether to continue or not.

So how can we at EricOnSearch help?

Well for starters. If Zillow can provide FREE widgets and websites, then we at EricOnSearch can certainly do our part to help provide concerned REALTORS a FREE list of folks in your area who are (as best we can determine) currently using their products so that you (as their REALTOR friends) can contact them and help educate them. You, the concerned REALTORS can spread the information far better than we can.

Again, this is NOT meant for you to harrass or be argumentative in ANY WAY. This is an educational outreach where you can teach and inform REALTORS of their options. The people we will be sending to you are folks in YOUR MLS. They are people who you know and who know you. They trust you, and it is up to you to spread the word to them that what they are doing will only cost REALTORS in the end. These days there are MANY options just as good widget wise as many of the Zillow Trulia offerings and lots of IDX options that do not involve helping syndicators disintermediate REALTORS.

You are informed. That comes with the responsibility of helping others.

So how do you do it? Go to the contact form on EricOnSearch. Let us know what city you are in and what your website is, along with your contact information. (We will VERIFY this BEFORE sending you the information).

No salespeople calling you selling you syndicator leads and other junk. (We might actually become friends, though..)

It WILL take us a day or two to get back with you. We are a tiny company, but we want to help the industry that has been good to us.

FINAL NOTE: If you find this helpful, please share it around to other REALTORS that feel similarly. We simply want to help. We will be sending additional educational resources to help provide OBJECTIVE INFORMATION on Syndicator (Zillow, Trulia and R.com ) practices be they good or bad. We want to be objective and help the entire industry.



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