Trust Flow and Citation Flow – MajesticSEO’s two new metrics…

In general I HATE using proprietary metrics that are usually flawed and also typically do not tell us much. The only metric that i spend much time with is SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS (my second favorite) and CASH MONEY GENERATED FROM WEBSITE (my favorite!). That said, the folks at MajesticSEO have come up with a couple of metrics that they feel help us online marketers better understand and evaluate the TRUE authority of a domain.

Given the recent changes at Google, I think these MAY (note the capitals and emphasis on MAY) provide us some insight that is useful.

Trust Flow and Citation Flow

TrustFlow and Citation Flow


So this is what it looks like. It ONLY appears on the FRESH index and it allows a person to (ostensibly) evaluate the true authority and relevence of a domain.

So here is my challenge (err…invitation). Take this thing for a test drive. Run it up against PR , and the other tools like SEOmoz (which I think has more flaws than it should). Then comment below about how you think it stacks up.

BTW –  I do NOT want to hear that (waa!!) it is horrible because your site is better than that. If you comment, please offer complete and total honesty about the quality of the authority built to your site and DID these two new metric in fact capture an accurate picture of it.

What do you think?




  1. I’m having a little difficulty with these indicators. Can you specify each?

  2. I have been messing with this tool a lot lately to try and decide what links to go after. It seems that the trust flow is a much better indicator than citation flow for the sites that were not effected by penguin. Also, have you noticed that sites that seem to have an abnormally high citation to trust ration seemed to get hit, where the sites that were more balanced did better in the update?

    I have a few hundred sites and it seemed pretty consistent that if my site had 2:1 citation/trust rating ( or something close to it) then it got hit hard. I could only find one exception in all my sites.

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