The REW Summit RECAP

For those who know me well at all, they know that I don’t go out and speak on “the circuit”. I spend most of my days and nights in the office under the warm glow of dual screen monitors actually WORKING on stuff. 😉 REW is one of the rare exceptions to that .It is a place where I can relax, share ideas with friends, have fun, and help others while being challenged with new thoughts from some of the most creative minds in online real estate.

First off, I wanted to say thanks to Morgan Carey at for inviting me to speak yet again. he is a friend who I respect and admire for his talents, his team and what they have built. If I had to go into a city and start a real estate business and could only make one phone call. I would dial his number.

I could write a TON about what happened in Vegas at REW. I could write about a BUNCH of great people that I met. I could write about how great it was to reconnect with old friends. I could write about how dynamic this group of people is and  how they are going to continue to lead the real estate industry in online marketing. And for that matter, I could write about some of the great ideas that people are working on and I could blow your mind with some of their creativity.

But then I got this simple email from Leslie Hogan, thanking me for presenting and telling me that she had posted about the Summit on her blog. (Go ahead. Read it. I’ll wait. Seriously. 😉 It is worth it.) She simply mentioned me, Dave Abernathy from Waterfront Properties and Cindy Knight and said thanks. That simple email made an otherwise REALLY hectic day go  much easier…and it was fun to see that someone “got it” and acted on it.

She got my point about Paying it Forward. She inherently knows that true online reputation (done right)  is only an accurate reflection of offline reputation.

Thanks a bunch Leslie for applying what was said at the Summit. The true spirit of it. You have made a new friend. May you make many more and I have no doubt that you will.

Thanks for “getting it”. Call me anytime that you need some assistance with your efforts. Not as a customer. As a friend. That is how this stuff works. 😉


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