The New World of SEO

I have often been quoted as saying that SEO was more about time management than anything else. I actually said that a few years ago and it is true. I would like to add a couple of other thoughts to the mix.

SEO these days is much more multi-faceted and is actually part of a well done online marketing program. It includes:


Time Management: Getting the right people to spend the right amount of time on the right things.

Online Asset Management: Making sure that your assets are visible to search engines and helping each other in a concerted way.

Online Media Management: Getting the right folks talking about you in media, social media and etc and making sure that you are getting them to take actions which will build your online authority.

Relationship Management: MAking sure that you maintain friendships with the right people who can and will support your online authority.

Content Management: Making sure that the content on your site is not only the right stuff, but that it is under control and that user generated content and traffic are monitored and managed for growth.

Definitely getting more complicated. But also making it much more fun…

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