The Lones Group – Sometimes bad pub is bad

I just saw a post on Wanna Network from my friend Mark Madsen. Regarding The Lones Group apparently suing Daniel Rothamel for being a “Zebra”.

My first thought was that this was / is incredibly stupid of them on it’s face. I understand trademark protection. I get all that. I am not talking about that. I am talking about the fact that purposefully creating negative publicity by getting many of an industry’s bloggers riled up is NOT a good thing. I do not think that the Lones Group fully grasped who they were serving and how that decision would “serve” them.

I have only met Daniel a couple of times socially over the years. Argue his impact on real estate bloggers…okayfine. The bottom line is that a) he does not deserve this kind of treatment and a group that “apparently” at least to me is a very clear case of where sometimes bad is bad. ;-)

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