Partnered Solutions


What would you attempt if you absolutely KNEW you could not fail? Everything. Right?

We offer several ways fir you to purchase our services, including partnered solutions. In this exciting new way of creating revenue for you, we can work two ways:

Search Engine Marketing Partners

In this type of marketing partnership, we agree on the terms that you are to be on page one for in Google. If you want to be in the Top 5, that’s fine. If you want to be #1, that’s fine as well. It will be a bit more money. You will then ONLY pay us for the months that you are in that position on Google. If your site drops in the rankings, then we drop in our revenue. The reason that we can make that kind of arrangement is that we have ABSOLUTE confindece in our abilities with your site.

What is it worth to you to be #1? Give us a call to day and let’s make it happen! You won’t have to pay us one thin dime unless we take you to the top and keep you there!

Online Joint Ventures

This is where we actually become the online portion of your business for a cut of the revenues. We do not do this often and ONLY when we have a deep level of trust in the people that we work with. It is not for everyone but we do offer it. If your business would benefit from this type of arrangement, please contact us!