Matt Couloute: Your honor, my client…

is an idiot errr…is in DIRE need of online reputation management advice. BAD.

Matt Couloute is a great lawyer by all accounts. He was the youngest prosecutor in Norwalk, Connecticut and worked for the NFL and was an analyst on Court TV according to FOX News.

One of the first things that a lawyer will tell you is: Don’t represent yourself. You will mess things up. You will let your emotions take control and you will do things that will get you deeper and deeper in trouble. And this is TOTALLY the case when it comes to online reputation management as well. Mr. Couloute apparently had him some girlfriends. As in more than one. ūüėČ

You can read the whole sordid tale here. Apparently one of the ladies… One that he left to marry the other one 12 days later (snort) , posted about him on Splendid. This sort of thing happens FAR more than you would imagine.

But did Matt Couloute take his own advice and enlist some professional help? NNNOOO… he is a SMART (sarcasm inserted) guy who is going to sue his way out of this. All good lawyers do this! (good grief) He had to go turn it into a national news story with a lawsuit, the press and everything. Wow.

Note to Matt Couloute :  Nice work genius.

Google your name now…Now you do not have just to contend with to rank for your own name…you have the New York Post, FoxNews,, and LOTS OF OTHER LEGITIMATE NEWS SITES to contend with. In short, my friend, you have made a ROYAL mess of this and probably made is so that this will rank this way for…well…ever. Seriously.

Additional Note to Matt Couloute: Your Honor My Client is an IDIOT. ūüėČ

Note to others who might suffer the same fate. PLEASE ask a PROFESSIONAL and get some proper advice.  You just went from bad reputation management issue to INSANELY bad reputation management issue. Much tougher to clean up.

Onlookers: This is not Google’s fault. Matt Coulotte is now a news story and one of his own making.



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