Lighthouse 1204 and other online marketing lessons…

Google Lighthouse 1204 and you pretty much are going to watch a fun little thing happen. You see there was this website who uses as part of their marketing pitch that they can control Google. (Good luck with that unless your name is Larry or Sergei)

In the online real estate marketing industry we have a lot of fun with with noobies who don’t get it. We make jokes when they claim we are “manipulating the Google“. We have fun at their expense when they are “looking for link love in all the wrong places“. In general , we have a blast.

But we all know that in the end, it is Google’s world and we are just renting space there. ;-) And we certainly do not claim that we can manipulate things on the search results. That’s a bit arrogant. We only try to make our online reputation match our offline reputation by making sure that we do things correctly. Or something like that.

Back to the ad above about Lighthouse 1204. First one guy noticed it and put his thoughts on Lighthouse 1204 on his site. Then another guy chimed in with more about Lighthouse 1204 and making misleading claims. And then Lighthouse 1204 gets more famous.

You see how this works? (grin) There will be more to come and I will document them as I see them. (Mostly from pingbacks to this post, I guess.

Take home lesson for the day. Do NOT use search result guarantees in a mass distributed ad. No one can guarantee search results. Who knows, though…it might make you famous…or was that infamous. (grin)

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