Google Publishers Advisory Council – My take.

So. It came to light this past week that Google has been inviting the BIG adsense publishers and other big media folks to an advisory committee.  And others did as well And here. And here. And Ad Age even called us little guys “parasites” here. There…that’s a pretty good reporting of the issue.

Much of the “little guy” publishing world (bloggers)  is up in arms about Google meeting with BIG TIME adsense publishers and the fact that those big time publishers are crying in their beer and asking for a little (cough–a lot)  preferential treatment over the little guys (us) in the Search Engine Results. The little guys are crying “foul”.

HERE’S my take:

First off, I have ZERO problem with the big guys talking with Google. I think Google SHOULD talk with them. Matt Cutts and the rest of the webmaster liasion crew at Google have provided much insight and communicated better than any of the other search engines with Webmasters big and small. Talk is good. Communication benefits EVERYONE.

Now for my take on preferential treatment for big media. (here’s where it gets fun, kids…grin). This is more of a challenge to big media than anything…who died and appointed you God? On what basis should you be afforded preferential treatment?

Search engines crave RELEVANCE. That is what they MUST have to survive. What gives them this RELEVENCE?

Journalism Degrees?

It isn’t a J-school diploma hanging on the wall. I can show you PLENTY of crappy, slanted, inaccurate stories written by big, mainstream media guys with a J-school diploma. Ummm…remember Dan Rather? It was bloggers who blew the whistle on him over years ago. Are you saying a Journalism degree makes you relevant because you are objective? or even Fair and Balanced? Please…

National vs Local?

So are you saying that a New York Times writer who posts about how bad the real estate market is currently should have precedence over a local REALTOR who posts about their current market conditions? Which of these examples is more relevant to a Louisville area searcher on Google, hmmm?


One of the things that the blogger world kicks the Mainstream media’s rear end on day in and day out is  the timeliness of their media. Timeliness IS a component of relevance! One of the reasons that newspapers are going down is that there IS NO NEWS CYCLE anymore.

One of the main traffic builders for Google and the other search engines is to quickly find the BEST articles on a given hot news subject and get them to the top. That’s what I did for this post! You do not have a corner on that market big media. And you are typically slower to react than most bloggers. Welcome to the concept of an Army of Davids. Get over it.

The Bottom Line

Might does not make right. Right makes right. You publishers are asking for an unfair advantage in a world where you are used to being able to be in control by buying ink by the barrel.

I think it’s great that Google is talking with you. I think it is great that the conversations are taking place. BUT…At the end of the day, you folks need to compete in the same arena of ideas, facts, opinions, and points of view that we all do. And you do NOT deserve “extra special” treatment because you are ummm… Ad age? Parasites? Please. Fact checkers. Opinion shapers? Yes. Parasites. Please.


If you Google “Google Publisher Advisory Council”, you will be directed to many of the same links that I linked to above. WHY? Because the mainstream media simply isn’t writing about this. You want your credibility, but IMO you want it selectively. Again…who died and appointed you god?

I challenge you to make the case that you are, in fact, more relevant. I cannot see that you are.


  1. Charles Richey says:

    Excellent points. Just because you have a peiece of paper on your wall stating you completed a course does not make you an expert. How many times are meteorologists wrong about the weather?


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