Google Local Optimization Part 2

Ok. So it is now becoming more critical to get your Google Local Optimization together.

Several Months ago, we posted Google Local Optimization Part 1 (and subsequently have recently updated it.) The hang up with Google local before was that it has to date been displayed on fairly low trafficked search terms. This made it somewhat LESS crucial that you optimize for it, although there was no reason not to except that it took some time. Now Google is using Local Results on quite a few major terms.

Let’s take Real Estate as an example industry.

This is a current snapshot of Arlington Tx Real Estate SERPS. We are now seeing this on both Real Estate and Homes and Homes for Sale related terms across the country.

We KNOW that Google may change their minds and take down some of these Search Results, but the fact that Google  is putting the local results on these highly trafficked pages means that Google is pretty much FORCING the real estate industry to do two important things:

1. Optimize for Google Local as indicated in our first post

2. And as a part of that, get a Google + Local Page. (They are NEW and different than the Google places page…and if you had a places page, you STILL need to tweak a few things.)

3. Really start to optimize your Author tags and other strategies that we will be detailing in post 3 (coming up in a couple of days.

So since this is the second part of this series, our advice is to DO step one. Then DO step 2 and make sure you have a Google+Local page setup for your business.

Here is a quick set of instructions from Google on how to do that.

Ok. Now that you have a page setup, you will need to add or enhance all of the goodies that are in there, starting with you basic profile information and then working your way to include adding photos, hours of operation and other information to make your site more attractive and readable. Make sure to add links where appropriate back to your website. (and add links from your website TO your Google plus page. Seriously. Do it.)

In the next post we will go over some more advanced techniques of how to enhance your Google + local pages even further.

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