Google incorporates Feedback into Algo. Ummm…ok… ;-)

Ok. So apparently according to this, Google officially incorporates user feedback into the algorithm. I got several emails from folks reading that who were ready to go out right now and start a campaign to drive likes, feedback, +1′s and whatever the heck else they could on social media to their sites. Yikes.

To all my competitors. Please do this. icon wink Google incorporates Feedback into Algo. Ummm...ok... ; ) Please go try and be stupid and spam Google…

To everyone else, let’s take a more measured approach, shall we? icon wink Google incorporates Feedback into Algo. Ummm...ok... ; ) Building likes on Facebook and doing a good job at social media is part of building a web presence. I RECOMMEND it. I recommend building it NATURALLY. White hat. Making your online presence match your offline. Whatever the new code word of the day is for doing it the RIGHT way.

Did you notice the banner at the top of my site? It says “Build your web presence, don’t just add to it.” That’s code for “Quality and not Quantity.”

Google has HUNDREDS of indicators as to what makes a site rank. For someone to totally unbalance their efforts toward social media is as stupid as to unbalance it in the direction of onpage optimization or links whilst neglecting the rest. A balanced and holistic approach will almost always win in the end if it is applied with diligence.

Would you like the results of RESEARCH, HARD WORK and EFFORT as to which of the indicators Google puts MORE weight on in their algorithm? That’s what I can help you with. Call me. Seriously. I do answer the phone. icon wink Google incorporates Feedback into Algo. Ummm...ok... ; ) Most times, search engine marketing constants are more about time management and FAR less about trying to trick the search engines.

Nearly always, as this article in Search Engine Journal indicated, there will be a bunch of folks out there spamming and jamming to get good rankings…and then crying when their unbalanced approach does not work or they get penalized.

If you build your web presence according to Google’s TOS you do not have to worry about that. If the folks on your blogroll REALLY are your friends. You don’t have to worry about that. If your social media feedback signals coming to your site are people that REALLY DO LIKE YOU, you don’t have to worry about that.

How about we work on building a complete web presence rather than just adding to it.

Just my .02


  1. Indianapolis Real Estate says:

    I really think that Twitter may be the next thing google has to look at when it comes to spam, especially if Google is using it in its algorithm. Facebook likes are a little harder to manufacture. It will be interesting to see how the new +1 fits into the algorithm.

  2. I agree this is almost a invitation from Google for spammers if they haven’t already been whipped to death by the updates and algo changes over the last 12 months. I am not sure that +1′s would not be just as hard as Facebook to manufacture which is probably why they are putting more stock in it.

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