Google – FTC – Anti-Trust? Good Grief…

So this evening I see a little tidbit on Fox News that gave me some pause. So the Federal Trade Commission is investigating Google for possible Anti-Trust Violations because they say the search giant has possibly artificially boosted some of its business entities above others in its own search results.

Look I would be the LAST person to say that the folks in the Googleplex are purer than the wind-driven snow, and i also would be the last person to say that they are anything but dominant…

But folks, c’mon. Seriously.

Google is a website. Yes, they are the librarian of the internet, but at the end of the day they are a website. If people don’t think the results are correct they CAN and WILL leave and search on another engine that provides more relevance. The article in Fox News compares their dominance to Microsoft’s dominance in PC software.

They are NOT the same.

It is EASY for someone to search via Bing or Yahoo or <>. Quick, go to the store and find a PC (not a Mac) that does not run on Windows…I dare ya… There is a huge difference.

I have NO idea whether Google has tweaked their results. I do not care. It is their website. The bottomline for me looks like this. If Google’s results are crappy people will not visit their site. Great so now we are going to have beaurocrats trying to figure out the algorithm (presumably by trying to subpoena documents from Google) and have hearings on whether the “intent of the algo” was to weed out spam or promote a specific Google entity over a competitor??

Two things for you beaurocrats:

1) Good luck in forcing Google to release its algorithm to the public. If I was them I’d tell you to pound sand too.

2) If you ARE successful and want someone to help you dig through the documentation. Call me. ūüėČ I will be HAPPY to help.

3) Wonder how long it would be for a retired investigator to be hired by an SEO firm after the investigation. My guess is minutes, not hours or months.

So why don’t you busy bodies in Washington save us all the trouble. Yes Google “might” have tweaked the results. No it is not a big deal. Yes it would be harmful to Google to let out how they run the algo. No, I am not kidding.


  1. ryan hartman says:

    This was fuggin tasty. And right on. Thx.

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