We’re hiring!


Southern Indiana Web Works is Hiring

We are looking for two SPECIFIC types of people.

Junior Server Admin

We need an entry level administrator to run our servers. If you have ever wanted to be in on the ground floor of something really cool, this is the thing… This position will build your resume as we grow our business together with your paycheck.

Content Authors

We generate ORIGINAL and UNIQUE, HIGH QUALITY content and provide writing for HUNDREDS of websites. We are always looking to hire solid content writers that are talented. We are looking for part or full time people.

You can reach Eric at 812 786-3412.

For those who prefer email, you can email Eric directly at EricBlackwell@insightbb.com.

Why do we not have a fancy way of getting in touch? Because you don’t need it! A simple e-mail or phone call will get the ball rolling and you will be glad you did!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Have a great day.