Blogging from your cell phone?

OK, so I am CHEAP. As intrigued as I have been with the iPhone, I didn’t buy one. I ESPECIALLY was cheap since I didn’t buy one even after the price reduction wars…(grin). I still keep telling myself that while it is cool, I still cannot see the practical side of what it gives me that is worth the extra dough to get it….

Enter Joost de Valk’s post on a new WP plugin…can you say WordPress blogging platform on an iPhone? or other web enabled cell phone?…Now we’re talking! Hat tip to Joost for enlightening me….

True, it will not lead to super long posts…typing a ton on that thing is just too tough. But it makes a pretty nice little mobile platform, WOW!

Here is the link to WPhone.

Now to convince my wife that i NEED an iPhone…(grin)




  1. Joost de Valk says:

    Glad I could help you Eric :)

  2. Hey Joost!

    Thanks for dropping by…i enjoy your blog and your insights on what we do…Cheers


  3. Joost de Valk says:

    Good to hear! thx :)

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