Bing uses “Vitamin G” to power SERPS? My thoughts

DISCLAIMER: Before I say anything, let me state for the record that my preference would be to say nothing about it at all. I am in the search marketing business and in this ringside MMA battle between Bing and Google, I would RATHER think of myself as an interested ticket holder in the crowd rather than a commentator. That said, people have asked and so I am going to comment. And as usual, I do have an opinion. grin.

Hat tip to Real Estate Webmasters for being the first place I read about it.

THE ISSUE: Two posts appeared in SearchEngineLand on Feb 1. The first was a report of Google accusing Bing of wrongdoing.. The second claim that Google used “spy tactics” and basically (kinda totally) admitting to what was accused in the first post.

Okayfine. So what does this mean? I try to break things down to their simplest terms… it makes finding clarity easier. Bing (the company that CLAIMS that Google’s search engine results suck and THEIRS are better…they are a DECISION engine)…sees fit to copy Google’s search engine results. The ONLY reason for that is because THEIRS SUCK and they do not know how to cost effectively correct it.

One of the Google engineers stated in the first article that he had spent a lifetime pursuing good search results and now just to have them copied. I AGREE TOTALLY with his assessment. I UNDERSTAND that in today’s world there seems to be a gray area around intellectual property rights. But theft is theft.

I am not an interested party just a commentator. In fact the thought that getting to the top of Google = getting to the top in some cases Bing makes my job EASIER. But I cannot sit by and say it is OK. It is not.

Bing has a Revelance Deficiency. (In medical terms Resultus Pagus Suckus icon wink Bing uses Vitamin G to power SERPS? My thoughts ) Yet they think the cure for that is Vitamin G. icon wink Bing uses Vitamin G to power SERPS? My thoughts It is not. It is getting off your butt and doing the work that you SHOULD have been doing all along. Seriously. Are you that lame that you HAVE to copy? Are you that inept that you cannot innovate and engineer your own stuff.

My final point (for now is this). Search Engines are librarians of the internet. They index and retrieve results when people want to find them. One of the key things that they do not want webmasters to do is copy each others’ content. Duplicate content spread everywhere just = many copies of the same thing and it offers NOTHING to the CONSUMER.

As a consumer of the search results. How about taking a look in the mirror, Bing??? If your search results closely match Google’s why do we need YOU? We can just GOOGLE it. Is your distribution network on new computers the only value you bring to the game?

It seems that is what you think. Time for a gut check, Bing… Let’s see who you REALLY are.

Just my opinion. You don’t need Vitamin G to solve your deficiency. You need vitamin B(ing) and Vitamin I(ntegrity).


  1. Bing was good the way it was as it was another search option. Do will really need a “Mini-Google” ?

    I can’t imagine anyone giving applause to Bing for doing this, other than the engineers who apparently think innovation is copying others. When you can’t beat them, I guess you copy them.

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