Bing now powers Yahoo’s search…for real.

Once the Bing / Yahoo deal was announced in Joly 2009, the questions were immediately raised…”When would Bing finally start powering Yahoo’s search?” and “What tools of Yahoo’s (such as Yahoo site explorer,etc.) would be still available” or would they scrap them.

Finally, after much research (and messing around) by Bing and Yahoo… these questions have been put to rest…for the most part. (Hat tip to Read Write Web for their article.) Take a moment to read their article.

So we now know that BingHoo has (in effect) a 28% market share of search. And we know that as of today that became unified with Bing powering it. Great. This actually makes it easier to optimize because we are now shooting at two targets rather than three.

We also know that Yahoo Site Explorer will stick around. Splendid. Saves many of us quite a bit of script writing and etc. Good on them.

The real questions for our clients have been…how do we take advantage of this? How can we build our web presence in a way that maximized traffic from BOTH?

Bing seems to reward keyword rich domain names, along with more of the old school on page stuff. (Title tags, etc). That said, Google as well has bent their algorithm in that direction and we are seeing many of the old keyword rich (err…stuffed) domain names do well with them.

(a little tidbit) In Google, does not appear to do near as well as in our testing..I am just sayin… ;-)

Also Google still seems to have a VASTLY superior methodology for determining the authority of inbound links and to have a far more well tuned approach towards evaluating the authority that comes from them. While that is no surprise, given that was / is what Google was founded on…BingHoo has been surprisingly slow in improving that side of their search engine.

We are preparing some new ideas and techniques for our clients and will be sending them out shortly. In a world of change,the one thing certain is that each change brings opportunity to grow business, to add revenue and to build a more dominant web presence.


  1. Alex Cortez says:

    That Yahoo Site Explorer will stay is HUGE in as far as being able to gauge many parameters of a site’s current status. Yahoo had always given me much more love than Bing, but I had noticed that Bing traffic to my indexed IDX pages was much better in terms of converting so hopefully the same will hold true for all Bing-directed traffic. Any projections as to whether BinHoo (or Ying, or whatever people want to call it now) will be able to take any market share from Google? I’ve been seeing much more marketing for Bing nowdays.

    • @YSE – Hang in there Alex. YSE may be going away. I am seeing conflicting reports. Ain’t over til the fat lady sings…

      @Market Share – All of Bing’s marketing in the past merely took share from Yahoo and gave it to them. IMO they started out after Google, but got Yahoo…Combined the two entities have 2 problems. The first is that they are two companies and two brands…time will take care of that. The second is that Google’s results are still far more relevant than Ying’s (like that BTW ;-) )

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