The Purpose of Buidling a Web Presence…

"The purpose of building a web presence for a business is to make money. Pure and simple. Without that objective clearly in mind, the rest of your activities lose focus and direction." -- Eric Blackwell

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525 Thalia Road Virginia Beach : Renovation Zestimation & Google

As I pointed out in a recent blog post on, 525 Thalia Rd in Virginia Beach was … [Read More...]

Can a Blog Post Rank with Less than 300 words?

Can a Blog Post Rank with Less than 300 words?

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We know currently that Penguin 2.0 is planned to roll out in a few weeks. One of the biggest … [Read More...]

Life Raft (deployed)

Why “Life Raft” domains are now a MUST.

I am going to post a LOT between now and the end of 2013, but nothing I am going to say compares … [Read More...]

The Pay it Forward Mentality

We talked yesterday about a person who was totally focussed on taking on their competitors by … [Read More...]


Why Copying others does not work in Online Marketing. Period.

Today, some friends and I were discussing a Facebook group that we are a member of where some people … [Read More...]